Monday, February 1, 2010


I have been prodded by many friends to start a blog. And so my blogging journey begins!

It's funny because I can't think of what to exactly say. Maybe I need to get drunk and start rambling and raving on something stupid. Janice or Kate, care to bring over some booze?

Anyways I went on a smidgen quest yesterday. IE I ate a ton of junk food. It's very weird. In many ways I am a health freak. Eating always really strictly (canned salmon, few carbs, etc.) but whenever I break my fast I go hard for smidgens. Absolutely awful.

So what else is good? You all know that I'm really big on military culture. I'd probably be in the marines right now if it wasn't for Iraq and Afghanistan. Well I bought this sick pair of Russian Military binoculars. They're ridiculously good. Geeze the zoom on them is like 100x or something. They were wicked cheap too. None of this overpriced crap like the stuff they feature in GQ. After all, The Soviet Union was a military superpower until only a few decades ago. SO while if you want the top notch technology you should say go with Yankee stuff, for value you should seriously consider ex-USSR hardware.

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